Terms of Use

Terms of Sales


Appart’Hôtel Evasion is designated as the brand owned by SAS Conciergerie Montpellier Plages registered with the RCS of Montpellier under the number 977 610 856 00014 whose head office is 13 impasse Mas de Soriech in Lattes (34970), hereinafter the operating company. As such, it offers an accommodation service in furnished accommodation units. Appart'Hôtel Evasion rents apartments and related equipment to the customer, who accepts it, under the following conditions and obligations: The customer is deemed to enter the apartment(s) without any reservation or restriction concerning the inventory of fixtures except the operation of appliances and plumbing. In this case, the customer has a maximum of 2 hours after entering the accommodation to make any reservations concerning household appliances and plumbing.


The rental is concluded and accepted on the dates defined according to the terms of the reservation made via the websites www.apparthotelevasion.com, www.conciergeriemontpellierplages.com or internet platforms (abritel.fr, homelidays.com, booking.com , airbnb.com,…) or according to the written confirmation established by Appart'Hôtel Evasion with the customer. Except for express exceptions, arrivals are at the address of the apartment stipulated in the rental contract.


The price of the stay is stipulated on the booking websites www.apparthotelevasion.com, www.conciergeriemontpellierplages.com or on the booking platforms. The reference currency is the Euro. The price is only applicable for accommodation and the number of people defined when booking.


4-1 As accommodation is offered as part of a short-term stay, no professional activity or commercial exploitation of the premises can be carried out. The customer declares that the rental corresponds to a tourist stay and that under no circumstances will he establish his domicile in the rented premises. The customer acknowledges to Appart'Hôtel Evasion, or any person duly authorized by him, the right of entry at any time to the premises for their maintenance or monitoring. This customer agreement is an essential condition without which Appart'Hôtel Evasion would not have agreed to rent the premises.

4-2 At the end of the stay provided for in the contract, the client acknowledges that the personal effects left in the apartment would be forgotten or stored without authorization. The client expressly agrees that his personal effects will be collected and stored by Appart'Hôtel Evasion. Appart’Hôtel Evasion cannot be held responsible for the loss of any personal effects during this transfer or during their custody. Personal effects can only be recovered after payment of the postage costs corresponding to the shipment to the customer and an indemnity of 20 Euros.


Payment for the stay is made by bank card; or exceptionally, after agreement with Appart’Hôtel Evasion, by bank transfer.


6-1 When making your reservation, you accept the implementation for your stay of a security deposit made by a secure payment platform by credit card pre-authorization. After your stay, when no damage is found, the security deposit is credited to your account. In the event of degradation or damage, the cost of repairs will be deducted from your deposit and only the balance (if any) will be returned to you. The recovery time depends on the extent of the damage. Example of damage: Damaged TV, Destroyed or missing furniture, Soiled or damaged walls and tapestries, Broken mirrors and windows, Broken or missing paintings or decorative objects, Floods or arson, Stained or damaged sofa or bed, etc.

6-2 The security deposit does not limit the customer's financial liability, which may be incurred beyond the amount paid in the event of damage exceeding the amount deposited.

6-3 In order to make the stay as pleasant as possible, the Appart’Hôtel Evasion provides each client with household linen. In order to preserve the quality of our services, the linen missing during the final cleaning is invoiced to the customer on the basis of 5 Euros per tea towel or microfiber, 12 Euros per towel, 20 Euros per fitted sheet, sheet or pillowcase and 50 Euros per duvet cover or sheet.


In the event of cancellation of a reservation confirmed by Appart’Hôtel Evasion or premature termination of the stay, the following rules will be applied:

1) Cancellation after 14 days: the full payment of the reservation is refunded

2) Cancellation less than 14 days from the date of the stay: the full payment of the reservation is retained.

3) In the event of interruption of the stay with early departure: no refund is made.


8-1 As the notion of civil liability insurance is not the same from one country to another, the customer must check with his company that he and the persons accompanying him are insured for bodily injury. and materials whatsoever, suffered and/or provoked during his stay.

8-2 The client acknowledges having been informed that the use of the equipment in the apartment, in particular those in the kitchen and the bathroom, can be dangerous if they are misused. The customer and the persons accompanying him undertake to take all the precautions required by the use of the equipment of the apartment. The customer renounces, himself or the people accompanying him, to use all the equipment of which he would not know enough the use to be able to use them in complete safety. The customer is informed, and he will inform the people accompanying him, that the floors and the shower can be slippery. He will take and cause to be taken all the necessary precautions to avoid any fall or incident. Consequently, the client and the people staying in the apartment declare that they are insured, waive all recourse vis-à-vis Appart'Hôtel Evasion for any incident resulting from their stay in the apartment, and make it their business to any request that they would like to make or that they would undergo.


The price of the stay includes: the provision of an equipped and furnished apartment for the duration of the stay, the consumption of water, electricity, taxes, as well as final cleaning.


10-1 At the end of the stay, the customer must return the apartment in the state of cleanliness and the order in which he found it. If it is necessary to do more than 2 hours of cleaning, it is billed for the time spent on an hourly basis of 20 Euros.

10-2 The customer is responsible for any degradation, loss or deterioration of the apartment or its contents, occurring during his stay. The repair of all the damage noted will be at his expense and will be subject to a deduction from the security deposit. The accommodations being non-smoking including shisha and hookah can cause burns. Any burn, even minimal, will result in the payment of compensation which is at least 150 Euros and which will be deducted from the security deposit. Travelers must properly dispose of their cigarette butts (e.g. trash can) and must under no circumstances throw them on the property or residence.

10-3 The client is solely responsible in the event of loss, damage or theft of his personal belongings, or belongings belonging to third parties accompanying him, invited or present in the apartment, and in particular household items. value left unattended in the apartment, including during his presence in the premises. He must respect the usual safety instructions and in particular make sure to always close the front door of the apartment when he leaves as well as to close the windows, including roof windows, in order to avoid any intrusion and to prevent potential rain damage.

10-4 The customer must respect the internal regulations of the building and not cause noise or other nuisances likely to disturb the other occupants of the building. Noise pollution is prohibited at any time and may result in the termination of the seasonal rental contract, eviction, loss of costs incurred as well as deductions from the security deposit. Noise detectors are installed in the apartments and alert the customer as soon as the noise exceeds 75 decibels. Customers agree to respect the so-called "quiet" hours from 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. In the event of physical intervention necessary on the part of Appart'Hôtel Evasion for acts of nuisance or other, a deduction of guarantee of 100 € will be made on the deposit for the intervention.

10-5 Travelers are not allowed to invite visitors during their stay. They cannot exceed the number of people indicated at the time of booking or invite additional people without written approval from Appart’Hôtel Evasion.

10-6 It is strictly forbidden to organize parties or any other gathering in the apartments.

10-7 Travelers are required to dispose of their rubbish and waste to be recycled in the bins provided for this purpose and in accordance with the procedure in force linked to the property. Under no circumstances should rubbish be left in a public area or in the common areas.

10-8 The customer must respect the common areas and not store anything outside the apartment. He undertakes to use the apartment as a good father and not to do anything that is contrary to good morals and not to use the apartment for objects of a professional or commercial nature, or use prohibited by French law and not to sublet the apartment.

10-9 Occupants must turn off lights, air conditioning, televisions when not in use in order to save energy. 10-10 Internet may not be used for illegal purposes.

10-11 The consumption of drugs is prohibited.

10-12 The customer acknowledges that any breach of one of his obligations will constitute sufficient reason to terminate the rental without delay. He will have to vacate the premises without compensation.


11-1 In the event of unavailability of the apartment due to the owner or following a technical incident, the Appart'Hôtel Evasion reserves the right to substitute, in priority, for the reserved apartment, another apartment of the same tariff category. The tenant cannot take advantage of a different surface or decoration to refuse the apartment.

11-2 In the event of unavailability of finding an apartment of the same tariff category, Appart'Hôtel Evasion will offer an apartment of a tariff category, either higher without repercussion of the increase in the price, or lower with repercussion of the reduction in the price, on the amount of the stay.

11-3 In the event of a change of tariff category, the tenant may refuse the apartment. In all cases, apart from the possibility of reimbursement of the stay in the event of a change in price, no compensation will be due.

11-4 If the accommodation needs urgent repairs that cannot be deferred until the end of the rental contract, the tenant cannot refuse them, even if these repairs cause him inconvenience.

ARTICLE 12 – (GDPR)General Regulations on the Protection of Personal Data

We take very seriously the confidentiality and security of personal data that we receive from our customers and prospects. As part of our professional relations, we have been required to collect, process and hold information about you. The personal data that you transmit to us in the context of our activity is collected and processed by SAS Conciergerie Montpellier Plages as data controller within the meaning of the provisions of the General Regulations on the protection of personal data (“GDPR”). This personal data is collected, depending on the case, on different legal bases (your consent, contractual necessity, compliance with a legal obligation and/or the legitimate interest of the Data Controller). Their processing is intended to allow us to have useful and necessary information about you and your loved ones to provide our services in the context of our contractual and commercial relations. The information collected is likely to be transmitted in general to our partners, including in particular our IT, financial and insurance company partners. The data collected about you and your relatives will be kept for the duration of our contractual relationship and then archived for a period of five (5) years, in the absence of shorter or longer periods specially provided for, in particular in the event of a dispute. You have on this data a right of access, rectification, and limitation, as well as a right of opposition and portability in accordance with the law. If you wish to exercise these rights, you can contact us by email at: contact@apparthotelevasion.com In addition, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL.


These contracts and conditions represent the entirety of the commitments between the parties. The customer, by making payment for his stay, acknowledges de facto and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale. If one of the clauses of these documents were canceled by a court, all the other clauses would remain applicable. In the event of a dispute, only French law and the French versions of these general conditions of sale.